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...a versatile professional with a background in Architecture and XR development. I completed my studies at METU Aarchitecture from 2016 to 2021, where I gained a solid foundation in architectural principles and design. Currently, I am working as an XR Developer at Qreal, where I combine my technical expertise with creative vision to craft immersive experiences. In addition to my role at qreal, I also engage in freelance architecture projects with my friends under the name WoobArch. This collaborative endeavor allows me to explore diverse design challenges and further expand my creative horizons. With a passion for both architecture and XR development, I am dedicated to creating innovative and impactful designs that push the boundaries of creativity and technology.





I mainly entered competition projects, worked as an advisor, and designed concepts in architecture & other related fields. Working as a team of three in WOOBARCH, and more than 20 projects were completed. These projects include mix-used centers, competition projects, interior architecture, landscape, and city planning projects. My main responsibility was to find competitions to attend, and design projects, modeling, renderings, and social media advertising. Also have the chance to work on other design fields such as curating, product design and illustrations.




With my passion for coding and after coding some scripts for photoshop in the creative group to reduce some of the work stress, I was offered to switch departments. As an XR Developer, i was mainly tasked to create lens mechanisms in Lens Studio and later Effect House as well. Javascript, shaders, and visual coding are the main technical skills i acquired from programming the requested lenses. These lenses included: basic AR games, games (first-person shooters, tycoons etc.), and interactive AR experiences. Moreover, i was tasked to do R&D and template creation for future lenses. Having to figure out some new ways to solve problems with AR's additional possibilities allowed me to think outside of the box further, and write clean and user-friendly code.




As a creative strategist, i was mainly responsible for creating storyboards for clients to preview the lenses before the final purchase. During this process, we had to research the brand's guidelines, design the UI/UX and visual representation requested by clients, and prepare the necessary assets for the lens for later. Later same storyboards are used to communicate with other departments. Moreover, we were tasked to brainstorm lens ideas for specifically the MENA region, both appropriate for the culture of the target area and related to the upcoming global/local events. I had the chance to learn how to manage client requests and "strategize" direct communication via visual representations. This creative process also meant bargaining with other departments, which further enhanced my curiosity about multi-disciplinary workflows.



Design Together with BIM - 1st Prize – Autodesk & ITUMHK

This year we won the 1st prize at the "Design Together 2019" competition held at the Istanbul Technical University. 29 teams competed in the competition on BIM and 9 teams qualified for the final. As a result of the jury evaluation and public voting, as the "DWG NOT FOUND" team, we ranked the 1st with the highest score. We would like to thank all the institutions and organizations that have contributed to the competition, especially Autodesk, Prota Group, ENKA Systems, TAV Construction and İTÜ Mühendisliğe Hazırlık Kulübü.


The Media Architecture Biennale 2020 Student Awards - 1st Prize – Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences & Universiteit Utrecht

"The Media Architecture Biennale 2020 (MAB20) invited students to send in their projects for the MAB Student Awards. We especially encouraged submissions that addressed the MAB20’s theme of ‘Futures Implied’ and demonstrated the implications of media technologies for urban development, the design of our public spaces, and the well-being of the ecosystem at large. "

This project aims to develop an urban scenario for an abandoned industrial heritage site, Limanarkası, by integrating active forms of ‘grassroots urbanism’ and experimenting with the urban organizational concept of ‘stitching’. The Limanarkası district ,whose edges are occupied with boundaries preventing access, namely; a railway line, commercial harbor, and the Meles stream, is historically significant for the city of İzmir; it hosted the first examples of the New Republic's industrial structures such as Sumerbank, Taris complexes and contributed to the ‘port city’ identity of Izmir. Although most of the industrial heritage still exists; the area is largely abandoned. Given the central location of this area, the need for a reconnection to the city is undeniable and overdue. Having several different definitions in the literature, we interpreted urban stitching as ‘implementing physical and virtual strategies for enabling sustainable development of an unused site by restoring its connections with people and the city’.


Lenslist x Effect House Holidays Challenge - Runner Up – Lenslist

For Lenslist’s holiday challenge, as a team, we created this lens to celebrate holidays and challenge users to build a Christmas tree on a budget. The game starts with some currency and users have to collect 10 decorations without running out of money. With endless possibilities, users can repeat the game in order to end up with different trees. Awarded as a Runner Up.


2019 - 2020

Head of Design Committee at StudioV at METU

I had the experience to be one of the Co-founders & Head of the Design Department of STUDIO V. Our works include creating a collective architecture community for students, event organizations, lectures, and many more community events. I specifically worked on leading the design department, content creation for the total community, and as the Editor & Designer of the 1'st issue of KESIT / Architecture Studen Magazine during 1st year of the community. Co-Editor and Designer of the magazine with the creative team and communication team.


Turkey Chamber of Architects - Member of Freelancers & Unemployed Architects Committee

As a team we are creating solutions and advice for architects who's rights are compromised in the field. Especially focusing on freelancers, unemployed and project-based hired architects. Committee holds seminars, conferences and workshops to network and focus on the issues at hand.

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